About Rule of the Dice

Name: Rule of the Dice
Level: 5
Class: Fighter/Thief/Blog
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Hit Points: 37

"I just want to survive to level nine, build a stronghold and retire."

- Its parents were killed by orcs.

- Created in early 2009 Rule of the Dice first started it's adventuring career killing rats in the cellar of the local guildmaster. It eventually starting working as a hired caravan guard, earning good money and travelling the lands.

- It hunted the fabled blade-back boar of deathhollow almost losing an arm in process.

- It raided up and down the red coast with the sea-faring barbarians of the great northern wastes.

- It fought several battles against the bandit king in the wilds of the Dreadwood, stealing his girlfriend and much of his gold.

- Eventually Rule of the Dice had enough money to acquire a small estate. There it wrote its memoirs.
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