Awesome Worlds and Kick Ass Campaigns 1

Awesome worlds and kick ass campaigns is a weekly post on creating... well, awesome worlds and kick ass campaigns. For my first installment I am going to talk a bit about preparing to create a campaign world. Anyone who has ever been through this process will understand the points that I'm making here, but if you've never embarked on a homebrewing adventure I hope this advice helps.

Four things to consider before you start your kick ass campaign.

1. Pick your genre well because you’re stuck with it.

This might seem obvious, but I know everyone has made the mistake of playing something they weren’t into and the campaign suffered because of it. You can avoid this one by getting together with your players and discussing what kind of game everyone wants to play.

2. Know thy game system.

Once you have your genre decided be sure that the game system fits the genre. D&D is fine for heroic fantasy but it doesn't work well in a gritty real world medieval game, without a lot of modification. I know, I have made the opposite mistake and used a “realistic” game system (Harnmaster) for a heroic campaign… and everyone died. So know thy game system.

3. Good ideas are always better than good intentions.

You might have all the best intentions, and want to create the best campaign ever but without a good idea it isn't happening. I have done this many times. I get my players together, I say we're gonna play a campaign really soon, and then I can't think of a good idea and everything falls flat.

4. Never underestimate your own laziness.

Most campaigns fail to be fully developed not because they’re bad ideas but because the GM got lazy. If you don’t think you can make it all the way down this road its probably best to get on another road, written by someone else. I have entire binders filled with half created worlds that I just got too lazy to finish. Maybe I’ll combine them one day into a super awesome world that is completely perfect… I want a sandwich… maybe I’ll re-watch Firefly tonight… I really like cookies… what was I thinking about. Anyways, you get the picture.

I am pretty sure most seasoned GM’s already know these things, but it never hurts to be reminded. I hope that new GM’s will take these ideas into consideration before they start down the long road towards building a campaign world.

(Because I back dated my last post by accident I would like to say hi to everyone on the RPG Bloggers Network again, thanks for letting me join the fold.)

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