Exploring the RPG Bloglands

I was out and about the RPG blogs this week and found these treasures, after killing the monsters guarding them and taking their stuff, of course.

Killer GM or Selfish GM - This post comes from the always awesome Gnome Stew and asks the question: Are you runnig the game you wish you were playing?. Are you?

How much campaign do plan before you start? - This is a post by Johnn Four of role playing tips/Campaign Mastery on gauging your preparedness level when you start a new campaign. Its fun to think about, and insightful if you've never bothered to think about it before.

DM's Toolbox: Patrons - This post comes from John Lewis at RoleplayingPro. It is an excellent article on the use of patrons (very powerful npc's) in a campaign world.

Not the revolution I signed on for - This post comes from Jeff's Gameblog and is about the Old School Renaissance project and the controversy regarding the possiblity of a comittee being formed to judge the "real old school" from the "poser old school". This post won't be of much interest if you're not into old school gaming, but if you are its worth the read.

F.G.F#2: Conan the Barbarian 1982
- This posts comes from Tankards & Broadswords, and because it involves Conan it is awesome. The post also has cool ideas on themes for RPG's lifted from the movie.

Those are my favorites for this week, what about you?

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