So ya wanna fix the system eh…

I am almost always disappointed with the mechanics of an RPG system at some point, but I never bother to do much about it. I’ll make house rules, modify a few things but its really just a band-aid solution. So I’m going to do something about that and create my own damn game system.

You’re probably thinking why do that there are countless games out there just look and find one you like. Well the problem with that is that the big games (D&D, White Wolf etc…) while balanced and play tested are tedious after a while, and the indie games, much like indie rock, are 90% pretentious garbage and 10% brilliance, and in the time it would take to wade through the trash I could just make my own.
I want to capture the spirit of the old school games but not necessarily make an old school game. I am not sure what the exact model for the system will be yet but I will try to steal from the best sources. I am not interested in creating something “original” I am interested in creating something that is fun and easy to play. I have had my fill of the d20 mechanic for now so I think I might move to the mighty d100 and make my game a percentile based system.

I have always liked the simplicity of the percentage. Your character is X% good at sword fighting is a lot easier to explain than you take a d20 add a bunch of modifiers, or minus them and try to beat a difficulty levels. I also want the system to be skill based and have limited powers associated with the classes/professions as they increase in level. This might limit choices to a slight degree but it will increase ease of play and make for more fun and less irritation.

Well thats some basic ideas. I will post my progress as it comes along, and if anyone has advice or wants to help let me know.

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