Top Ten Ways to Know if You’re an Old School Gamer

I am preparing several new posts for the site and they will be up in a few days. In the meantime, just for fun I am re-posting the first post I wrote here at rule of the dice. Just so everyone knows, I am an old school gamer who started with OD&D and I still love a good old school megadungeon from time to time. This is just for fun, if you happen to take offense to it you can go here instead.

The top ten ways to know you're an old school gamer

10. You still think Elves should be a class.

9. You always make at least three characters per session.

8. You have at least one story of someone whose D&D books were burned by overzealous Christian parents.

7. You bought the wilderness survival guide, unfortunately.

6. The only threefold model you understand is this one.

5. You think everyone needs more orc’s in their game.

4. Gnome Illusionists.

3. You don’t understand why everyone hates THAC0.

2. You were there for the release of the original Dark Dungeons Chick Tract.

1. You skip straight to the dungeon.

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