Is this a good idea?

I've had an idea for a campaign world floating around in my head for the better part of ten years. Its an idea thats always there but as soon as I get close I start to get uneasy about it. You see, this idea is out of my usual pulp sword and sorcery genre and that is disconcerting to me. For some reason as much as I want create it, I just chicken out.

Here is the basic idea:

Add 1 part collapsing Roman Empire
Add 1 part wild west
Add 1 part Steampunk
Add 1 part H.P Lovecraft
Add 1 part Harry Potter (at least the idea of vast magical institutions)

Mix all ingredients and hope for the best.

I envision a vast empire struggling for its last breath. As the empire dies new masters are claiming their stake in the once rich and now unprotected outer provinces. With the diffusion of power new technologies are birthed unaffected by Imperial stagnation, and while the old world crumbles a new one is born.

The old world is still there of course. Some with old world values have become more rigid in their views (the Priests) while others have adapted and even prospered (the Mages). Many of the old orders have disappeared but some new ones have been created (knights have become gunslingers, of course inspired by Stephen King).

All the while dark forces are looming in the shadows, and sinister secrets that have been hidden for thousands of years are waiting to be discovered.

Thats about all I have so far. I want to create this world and I want to publish it, at least in a limited way. So what I really need to know from you is... Is this a good idea, and what do you think?

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