Viking Dad - Some Shameless Self Promotion

I debated whether to post this, and then I figured what the hell. Most of the rpg bloggers and readers will probably get a kick out of this. You see, for the better part of a year I have been working on a comedy web video project... about a viking... dad.

It all started last summer at my friends cottage. We had been drinking, which is a standard cottage endeavor as everyone knows. Well the drinking led into a who would win in a fight debate, which degenerated into a "my dad, can kick your dad's ass" debate, which degenerated further into a "my dad is a freakin' ninja and your dad's a pussy" debate. Somewhere in this mess of dad insults and mayhem, my friend Suzanne said "well my dad's a viking and a viking can kick anyones ass", to which I replied "a viking. Viking Dad". Just the name Viking Dad made us laugh, and alas our hero was born.

I can't say much more but everything will be revealed in the show itself. This is the project that has been keeping me away from blogging for the better part of the summer. We are now in full production, our scripts are done, the cast and locations finalized and we are looking to release episode 1 some time in October.

In the meantime check out the trailer on the Viking Dad website. We have a growing Facebook group you can join and get all the updates for the show, or maybe ask Viking Dad a question or two on the discussion board (he will awnser in a videocast if he likes your question). If you do go to the Facebook group you will see that I am the creator of the page. Thats right my actual name isn't Jack Crow its John Williams (just like that John Williams), a little internet white lie, but a harmless one.

I would also like to extend an invitaion to anyone who belongs to the rpg bloggers network to advertise any of their projects on the Viking Dad website. These projects can be rpg related or otherwise. This is of course free, absolutely no charge. We geeks, nerds, grognards and (insert witty appellation here) have to stand together and support one another. If you are interested email me at jack(at)ruleofthedice(dot)com and we can talk. I am also always looking for script writers and editors (for scripts) for the show itself, just contact me if you're interested.

Visit Viking Dad and let me know what you think.


John (aka. Jack Crow, or is it the other way around, I'm confused now.)


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