New Project on the Horizon

Over the next while I am going to be developing a campaign world with a close friend (and player) of mine James Schmitz, an extremely talented illustrator and visual artist. We have been talking on and off for some time about projects we can work on together, also projects that we feel we can complete and might have an audience. We think that creating a campaign world that can be expanded and developed over time is the best option for our initial foray into the wilderness of rpg publishing.

This isn't a great leap for myself or James, we both already work in graphic design, desktop publishing and media in general, so that part is taken care of. The prime difference for me will be embarking on a publishing project that I actually enjoy, with someone I actually enjoy working with. That will be a change, regardless of the outcome.

Here are the ideas so far:

1) We will be creating a pulp fantasy sword and sorcery world, with liberal sprinklings of eldritch horror. Far more Howard and lovecraft and a lot less Tolkien (although we still love Tolkien).

2) There probably won't be standard non-human DnD races, and the world will most likely be very human-centric. This may change with development.

3) In this world, generally speaking, the bad guys have usually won. The small pockets of peace and tranquility are few and far between.

4) I haven't decided whether there will be an actual game system that will go along with it, or whether it will be system neutral. This one will be decided as we develop more ideas and start work.

Not too much detail, but more will be coming soon.

The initial release will be a free .pdf, and we'll see what happens from there. It will most likely be modeled after the 1983 Greyhawk box set, a favorite of mine.

If there is anyone out there who would like to help with the thankless task of editing, it would be greatly appreciated. Let me know in the comments or email me at john(at)ruleofthedice(dot)com.

Now I guess I should get to work.

Be sure to visit J.H. Schmitz Art.

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