Links of DOOM - 01/21/11

Read the Links of DOOM, or we're all DOOMED, DOOMED I tell you.

The Links of DOOM

Who doesn't like Modrons.

Some extra-dimensional monsters to spice up your game.

Henchmen cards for your OD&D game.

Dungeons & Dragons is like a crazy ex I keep going back to.

And the winner of the Newbie Blog Award is: Rather Gamey.

A free map making blog that I just found, but I'm sure everyone else already knows about.

Another cool map idea.

Yet another cool map.

Some ruminations on the fall of Dungeons & Dragons.

Check out an adventure for every monster.

The blog with the best name ever

Unfrozen caveman dice-chucker.

The Regulars

Visit the Underdark Gazette for all your OSR news.

Chicago Wiz always has something good to say.

Zak at Playing D&D with Porn Stars is always full of weird ideas.

Visit A Paladin in Citadel, because he's awesome.


Visit my wife's adorable blog My adorable small town life.

Check out the art at J.H. Schmitz Art.

Visit Viking Dad, for a dose of Viking goodness.

Read the Happy Whisk for all the best culinary awesomeness.

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