Links of DOOM

Only you can prevent our cataclysmic destruction by the forces of eldritch horror from the unknowable outer darkness by visiting all of the links of DOOM...

Awesome blogs that deserve to get far more publicity than they do...

Visit A Paladin in Citadel. Why? Because he's a fellow Canadian and a really nice dude.

I really like this post from Christian at destination unknown: Cookbooks Would Make Better Modules. Food + RPG's = Awesome.

A series of great posts From

Get yourself a super cool nerd shirt at A Rust Monster Ate My Sword.

James at The Underdark Gazette gives us all the news floating around the old school blogging community. He also has an amazing list of old school resources that I am going to steal... I mean politely borrow from to populate my own resources page.

Visit my wonderful wife Jen's adorable blog. Check out her post on a knitted dice bag she made, it's awesome.

Visit The Happy Whisk - mmmmmm, food. 

A bunch of blogs that I haven't had a chance to read yet, but look awesome...

The Grumpy Celt

A Wizard in a Bottle

A Year of Frugal Gaming


Warning - Mutagenic Substance

Popular blogs that don't need publicity, but are totally awesome and should get it anyways...

This Gigacrawler game idea Zak has thought up at Playing D&D with Porn Stars seems pretty cool. Also from Zak, some tits and OD&D books (NSFW).

Where's our EPT and Blackmoor? Is the "OSR" doomed to retreads?

, in a smart guy kind of way.

The character sheet for the new Lamentations of the Flame Princess RPG Grindhouse edition is up and ready for download. I'm a little disappointed that it didn't have any tits or blood on it.

If you have a blog you want me to check out leave a link in the comments.

... There that wasn't so bad, now we're safe for another week.

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