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Are you interested in the extremely exciting (reasonably fun) world (small niche) of RPG writing. Do you like making huge amounts of money, with the possibility of more money. If so, you should probably become a stock broker and not be an RPG blog writer. But if you like the totally cool nerdiness of dungeons & dragons and other table top RPG games and you also like writing words in sentences you should join the team here at rule of the dice.

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If you've made it this far you're probably interested in knowing what I'm looking for in a writer. Not much really. If you're interested in writing about RPG's that's good enough for me. I started this blog for fun and really don't have any expectations beyond having fun with it. I'm looking for additional writers because, while I spend a great amount of my time writing, I don't spend enough time writing here on this blog.

While I don't really have any concrete expectations for the blog, I do have some areas of RPG related writing where someone could easily take up the reins.

1) 3e/4e Dungeons & Dragons - I don't play these games, and it is unlikely that I ever will in any serious capacity, so my working knowledge of them is very limited. If someone wanted to write about the new incarnations of everyones favourite table top RPG that would be very cool.

2) Old school gaming - If you're like me and have dice that are older than some of your players, you're probably old school. Write about some old school gaming and give the new generation some of your cranky old guy wisdom.

3) Reviews - I don't really buy stuff, so I don't really have anything to review. I also don't like writing reviews so that's also a negative. But if someone wanted to write some reviews here that would be awesome. If you do well you may even pick up some free swag along the way.

4) Adventures and cool campaign stuff - Anything that you've created yourself and want to post is awesome.

5) Play reports - Tell us about your game, that's always good fun.

6) Talking about games that aren't D&D - Reviews, play reports and analysis of games that aren't D&D.

7) Any other cool idea you've got.

I also have a very clear idea of things that I do not want on this blog.

1) Edition wars bullshit - No one cares about what edition of D&D is better. Wait, I'm sorry a whole bunch of loud douchebags care about it,  and they're choking the fun out of the hobby for everyone else.

2) RPG Theory - Take it to the forge, not interested at all.

3) Ranting about stuff and being an assbag - I know, this is the Internet, but please shut up. You are definitely not welcome here.

So if you're interested in writing here at Rule of the Dice let me know. You can contact me at:


Email me your information, and a link to at least one thing that you've written online (preferably RPG related). If you don't have anything online just copy and paste an example of something you've written (preferably RPG related) into the email. I'm not a harsh judge, I just want to see that you can at least make words go together and express yourself.

I would expect a minimum commitment of one post a month, which I feel is pretty reasonable. Of course anything you post here you can cross post wherever else you would like as long as there is some link back to the original here. And I make absolutely no claims of ownership on any post you write. We will talk in detail once I have received your email.

Feel free to leave a comment but do not post your info in the comments, email me directly. Once again my email is:


Have a great start to 2011.

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