New Reviews of Old D&D Modules

I recently came into a rather large collection of old gaming materials. I'm really not much of a collector, but I couldn't pass up this deal -- it was free. So I have a tonne of old D&D modules, and not much to do with them. In my twenty-five odd years of gaming I have only played two modules, The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh and Egg of the Phoenix - and I have never actually DM'ed one. Lack of a FLGS and funds in my youth contributed to a general disinterest in modules. But now that I got them, I want to see what all the fuss is about.

I figure I'll give these a read and see if I can find anything I might like to review. I have never read any of these products, and apart from little tidbits I've seen on other blogs really have no idea what they're all about.  I figure what the hell it might be fun. An old guy reviews old modules that he never read or played in his youth - and now with great wisdom and brilliant insight cynically tears them apart ruining what little remains of his youthful nostalgia... or writes a small review on his RPG blog.

I started reading The Temple of Elemenental Evil over the weekend, so it will be the first one up on for the Old Module Review. I will try and have the first part of the review up by Wednesday if all goes well.

Do you have a favourite classic module? Let me know, and if I have it I will review it.


  1. Let's see, I can't think of just one.

    B2 - Deceptively simple one that could turn into a TPK in the first encounter.
    GDQ series - Probably what I think of when I hear the phase 'D&D.'
    Pharaoh series (I3,I4,I5 - I think) - This was my all time favorite series to run. It's just a complete blast and if you are going to review anything, I'd request this fun desert extravaganza.

    - Ark

  2. The question asks for a favorite (and not what I think is the best)...

    It's too close to name just one but my favorite three might be:
    G3 Hall of the Fire Giant King,
    N1 Against the Cult of the Reptile God
    L1 Secret of Bone Hill

    I'd love to see the 'Pharoah' series get more reviews and discussion, so I would second Arkhein's vote for the those (of the three, I think I5 was the most inspiring)

  3. I definitely have the compiled Pharoah series, Desert of Desolation. I remember thumbing through this book in my youth and thinking it was pretty cool. I will do a review of it for sure.

    I have all the GDQ series, as well as N1 and L1 and they're going on the to read list. I have B2 but I just think Keep on the borderlands has been done to death.

    Because I've never actually DM'ed a module it might be fun for me to run one of these and write some play reports. I just have to do a lot of reading first.

  4. Did you read these posts that I did a while back?

    I compared the old version to the 3e version.

  5. @Greg
    I don't play 3e and actually had no idea there was a 3e version TOEE so I will have to check out what you wrote for sure.


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