Please Welcome The New Guys

At the beginning of the new year I posted that I was looking for additional writers to join me here at Rule of the Dice. This is partially because I want to expand the blog and have some different contributors post cool articles. But it's mainly because I'm a lazy and don't want to have to write or work very hard (and I also need time to practice my cage fighting). Luckily some real great chaps volunteered their services as henchmen. Now I'll just sit back while they do all the work and I reap the benefits of being an RPG blog tycoon... it's a thing, it's a real thing.

Please give a very warm welcome to...

The New Guys

C.D. Gallant-King

C.D. Gallant-King has been playing and GMing role-playing games for 20 years, but he would still describe his skills as “fair to moderate.”  He has been a game designer even longer, his first game created in honour of the 1988 Calgary Olympic Games, which featured players racing across the country with torches.  There was also an option to slow your opponents down with oil slicks.  He still doesn’t quite understand how the Olympics work.

He has written eight novels you’ve never read, and has fuzzy d20s hanging from his rear-view mirror. Though it may come as some disappointment (or surprise) to all the ladies reading this, he is happily married.

Joseph Nelson
Joe is still an acolyte among the gaming elite and his sense of wide-eyed wonder has not been crushed (yet) by the harsh realities of the gaming world. He deeply enjoys the old-school games and the new wave games, considering them both part of his dysfunctional little RPG family.

He lives in the Northeast United States, where even the Frost Giants fear to tread.

Andy (aka. Carpe Guitarrem)

Andy, a regular poster at The Player's Side of the Screen, is a relative newcomer to RPGs. He picked them up a few years ago, with a few sessions of D&D, and now he's diving into the world of RPGs with a voracious abandon. He likes studying different game mechanics, and how they shape players' experiences. On top of that, he's multiclassed into a billion different things, like music and art and computers and...a lot more.
So please give these guys a very warm welcome, and most importantly check out their posts.


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