Links of DOOM - 02/17/11

Blah, blah, blah... read these, doom, something, something.

The Links

Zak of Playing D&D with Porn Stars and Greg Christopher of the Errant RPG Blog had a very long discussion about sex and gaming, at least that's what I think it's about.

Zak is also hosting a Female Gamer Roundtable discussion at his blog, be sure to check it out.

Tim from Gothridge Manor created a most excellent adventure called Knowledge Illuminates.

Favourite Mini painting Blog

Painting Mum - Ana's Blog

The guy who I blame for my current obsession with mini painting Blogs

Porky's Expanse

The Regulars

Visit the Underdark Gazette for all your OSR news.

Chicago Wiz always has something good to say.

Visit A Paladin in Citadel, because he's awesome.


Visit my wife's adorable blog My adorable small town life.

Check out the art at J.H. Schmitz Art.

Visit Viking Dad, for a dose of Viking goodness.

Read the Happy Whisk for all the best culinary awesomeness.


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