Awesome Pic of the Week

This weeks picture is a cut above the regular awesome, and is a Batman fighting a shark with a lightsaber kind of awesome...

There is possibly no higher awesome than that. The only way things could be more awesome would be if, like, all the cast from Star Wars was playing in a metal band or something....

Holy shit.


  1. The Angry LurkerMarch 04, 2011

    Good pictures but the star wars band edges it, possibly called Wookie Dreams.

  2. Tim ShortsMarch 04, 2011

    Great pictures. I like both, but agree with Lurker, I think the Star Wars Band edges out.

  3. Daddy GrognardMarch 04, 2011

    Vader ftw

  4. Joe NelsonMarch 04, 2011

    Hmm, perhaps the Caped Crusader isn't actually fighting the shark after all. No, to me it looks like...he's riding it?!

    I suppose it only makes sense to ride a shark into battle with Sith Lords when you're the goddamn Batman.

  5. If he is riding the shark going into battle, well then that picture wins the battle of the pop culture mash ups.


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