Links of DOOM - 03/25/11

John is off doing "important" things, so it falls to me to remind you about all the cool gaming stuff going on this week.

There's a great article at RPG Musings by the Opportunist discussing why starting at Level 1 may be rough for some players, but it's important to character development.

I'm sure many of you reading Rule of the Dice are well versed in Old School Gaming, but I know some of you may not be. Here's a handy overview from The Dump Stat. It also references Matthew Finch's Quick Primer for Old School Gaming, which should be required reading for all gamers, new or old, so at least you know what the fuss is about.

Speaking of which, I don't care if you're old- or new-school, getting paid to write D&D is awesome. Kudos to this guy.

This is just a cool trailer for a new Dungeons & Dragons video game.

Much like in movies, you can never have too much sex in your role-playing games.

Anyone writing or thinking about writing adventures or modules? There's a few good tips here.

Apparently the single most efficient way to reach level 30 in 4th Edition D&D is to throw yourself into the same pit trap 10,000 times. No, really. Greywulf did the math.

And while this doesn't directly relate to gaming, go check out SHOUTcast Demonic, a kick-ass online radio station that plays a great mix of metal, industrial and electronica. I met the owner of the station playing D&D, so it sorta counts.

Have a happy weekend of gaming! I'm going to go try Living Forgotten Realms again. My last character blew chunks (stupid gnome bard). Hopefully I can come up with something better this time.

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