Saturday Sorcery - A Couple of Questions

For this weeks Saturday Sorcery I would like to ask  our readers a couple of questions. I am always curious to hear how other people treat pivotal things like magic in their campaigns.

Here are the questions...

What is the standard magic level in your campaign, and how is magic viewed?

For me I like to keep the magic relatively sparse in my campaign. There aren't a lot of wizards in my worlds, and magic scares the shit out of most sensible people. The wizards that do exist are a very secretive bunch that have unknown agenda's and esoteric interests that few beyond their ilk understand, or care to understand. They're a lot like Freemasons, if Freemasons weren't actually lame, and really did the stuff that conspiracy theorists think they do.

What is the frequency and power level of magic items in your campaign?

In my campaign world the magic items are rare, but usually powerful. Most magic items were created for specific purposes, like; A magic sword made to kill the troll king of the direwoods, or something like that. They are very powerful for their chosen purpose but not so much for anything else. There aren't really any +1 swords just lying around, magic items are special and have a history and reason for being created.

What are your thoughts?

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