I want to know about your DIY RPG projects and products

Some people call it the OSR, some call it DIY D&D, I call it DIY RPG.

I could care less what game you play, what edition of what game you play or the style (or lack thereof) of the game you play. I only care that you are playing a game that you enjoy, and that you're making up a bunch of stuff that you and your friends think is awesome.

To me DIY RPG is all about making up cool stuff to enjoy on game night. Whether this idea becomes a polished adventure that you publish, or just a bunch notes scribbled in your Moleskine - the only thing that matters is that you made it, and used it in your game. And now with this whole Internet RPG blogging thing we can share these cool ideas with other gamers.

If you look at the top of the blog there is a button labeled resources. If you click on it you'll find an empty page. I want to fill this page with all sorts of links to your awesome DIY RPG stuff.

Leave a comment with a link to an RPG world, adventure, map, or whatever interesting idea you're working on currently and I will add it to my resources page. This can be a link to your blog or to a product you're selling, or just something you think is cool. The only rules are - it must be DIY RPG (no commercial products from big companies), and  it must be something that people can use in their games. So please don't link to game commentary or reviews etc...

I am already aware of a huge amount of DIY RPG stuff, but I also know there is a tonne of stuff I don't know about. Help me compile a kick ass DIY RPG resources page, and leave a link in the comments to something you think is awesome.

(Any comments that argue over the semantic differences between the OSR, DIY D&D and DIY RPG will be deleted, and anyone who starts a nerd fight over the use of any of these terms will be banned, and considered a dick... forever)

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