I want to know about your DIY RPG projects and products

Some people call it the OSR, some call it DIY D&D, I call it DIY RPG.

I could care less what game you play, what edition of what game you play or the style (or lack thereof) of the game you play. I only care that you are playing a game that you enjoy, and that you're making up a bunch of stuff that you and your friends think is awesome.

To me DIY RPG is all about making up cool stuff to enjoy on game night. Whether this idea becomes a polished adventure that you publish, or just a bunch notes scribbled in your Moleskine - the only thing that matters is that you made it, and used it in your game. And now with this whole Internet RPG blogging thing we can share these cool ideas with other gamers.

If you look at the top of the blog there is a button labeled resources. If you click on it you'll find an empty page. I want to fill this page with all sorts of links to your awesome DIY RPG stuff.

Leave a comment with a link to an RPG world, adventure, map, or whatever interesting idea you're working on currently and I will add it to my resources page. This can be a link to your blog or to a product you're selling, or just something you think is cool. The only rules are - it must be DIY RPG (no commercial products from big companies), and  it must be something that people can use in their games. So please don't link to game commentary or reviews etc...

I am already aware of a huge amount of DIY RPG stuff, but I also know there is a tonne of stuff I don't know about. Help me compile a kick ass DIY RPG resources page, and leave a link in the comments to something you think is awesome.

(Any comments that argue over the semantic differences between the OSR, DIY D&D and DIY RPG will be deleted, and anyone who starts a nerd fight over the use of any of these terms will be banned, and considered a dick... forever)


  1. RisusmonkeyApril 20, 2011

    This is going to become quite an extensive list...

    Anyway, I won't link to everything I've got but I'll get you started with a few choice links:

    Risus Silverlode 1908 (Campaign setting and Rules): http://www.velvet-edge.com/silverlode_1908.html

    Monkey Maps volume 1: http://www.risusmonkey.com/2011/02/monkey-maps-volume-1.html

    Fantasy Language Cypher: http://www.risusmonkey.com/p/rosetta-stone.html

    DungeonWords: http://www.risusmonkey.com/2011/02/dungeonwords.html
    (d30 Version: http://www.risusmonkey.com/2011/03/dungeonwords-d30-version.html)

  2. I've got quite a few free PDFs here: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/index.php?manufacturers_id=3250&affiliate_id=296418

    There's also some for pay stuff, ranging from $0.50 to $1.99. All of it is for Pathfinder/D20 style RPGs


  3. I'm working on a system generic PDF project with my friend Katrina, dealing with plot design and world-building concepts.

    My half, dealing specifically with unorthodox plot design, is tentatively called The Pendulum Method, while her half deals with world-building through the use of the World-Tree concept as a framework.

    In both cases, previews are available on our blogs:
    Mine: http://platinumwarlock.blogspot.com
    Kat's: http://lindevi.wordpress.com/

  4. Hartwell602April 20, 2011

    I'm definitely both DIY and OSR. Most of my work is at www.digitalorc.blogspot.com

  5. Here's the link to my fantasy RPG project called Beacon which is based on the Microlite d20 system. If you'd like a small light-but-comprehensive and generally compatible with 3.5 or Pathfinder SRD rules set then please take a look.


  6. CDGallant_KingApril 23, 2011

    I've mentioned this one before, but the stuff on this site is a huge help to anyone who plays their games online:


  7. I recently collected links to my houserules for Labyrinth Lord/BX D&D into a single post. Included in the list are my various race-as-class classes, my Table of Death & Dismemberment, and Shields Shall be Splintered.

  8. I'm working on three DIY RPGs right now (at different speeds):

    Gaia Gamma (http://www.gaiagamma.com) is a blog chronicling the creation of a Gamma World clone.
    The Fantasy Game (http://www.thefantasygame.org) is a blog chronicling the creation of an OD&D clone.
    Hexer & Helden (http://www.hexerundhelden.net) is a blog chronicling the creation of a German old school clone of AD&D 1st to 3rd edition.

  9. Tim ReisingerNovember 20, 2011

    As any good miniature maker knows the best place to obtain parts for terrain minatures is the garbage can. I have made miniature houses out of boxes most people would throw away. I also have developed a technique for making monster miniature out of Plastic bags. using a heat gun. I have yet to get the process to the point of making people but I will show some tree trunk miniatues and various worm and elemental Miniatures I have made. I also use standard Cow boy and indian figures modified with extra Model parts to make interesting miniature. Here are some pictures to share. My email is reispinscher@yahoo.com for any questions on the process. .


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