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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! Watch out for zombie Santa.

There are going to be some changes here in the new year. I won't go into too much detail, but I will say it has something to do with a hostile takeover by the Dark Lord Sauron and the finding of the one ring. If only there was a way to destroy this ring without having to walk all the way to Mordor....

An old one, but still a classic. Happy Holidays.

Some Geeky Goodness

Here's a link to a podcast interview with George R.R. Martin. He talks about HBO's new series and about several things of general geek interest. Also Mr. Martin and I share the same birthday, which makes him extra cool in my book.


A Geek's Guide to the Galaxy Podcast with George R.R. Martin Interview

Here's the trailers to the new HBO series (although I'm guessing everyone has seen them by now).

Some Hearty Food For Thought

I came across this by way of the RetroRoleplaying Blog. This is one of the best rants I have ever read, and you should read it too.

Just one more formulaic CRPG-ification bullet into the imagination at the heart of RPGs

Some hearty food for thought. What do you think?

Game System Update Part I

Several weeks ago I posted that I needed some help making a game system that didn't suck. Thanks to everyone for the comments, they were much appreciated. Since that time I have been working out exactly how I want the game system to work, and prepping it for some play testing.

Not wanting to give away too much info, here are a few of the details so far:

- It is going to be a single mechanic d20 based game. After much consideration this is just the easiest and most familiar route to go down.

- It will be easily adaptable and rules lite.

- It looks like there will be only two classes: Fighter and Magic User.

- The Classes will serve as simple templates with which to build a character. There will be plenty of room for player customization and specialization.

- The combat system is still being worked on. I am leaning towards more abstract combat but that may change.

- The magic system will not be "Vancian".

- The game will be free to download, with a possible print version…

Help me make a game system that doesn't suck

While working on my current project titled - "campaign world that will eventually be released to the public in the hopes that they will like it and not ridicule me, and my hard work will pay off and people will use it, and have fun with it." (That's the working title) - I realized I needed some sort of system that would fit the world. At first I just figured I would be system neutral, but after some thought I realized that developing an actual game system was the way to go.

Of course after the realization that I wanted to create a game system, came the immediate realization that I had absolutely no idea what kind of system I wanted to create - which of course led to a lack of confidence, self-loathing and eventually beer. After a few beers my confidence miraculously returned, and I was ready to go.
I have always been of the opinion that what most people want in an RPG is not tacked on originality, but comfortable familiarity. And if you can somehow take that familiarity a…

New Project on the Horizon

Over the next while I am going to be developing a campaign world with a close friend (and player) of mine James Schmitz, an extremely talented illustrator and visual artist. We have been talking on and off for some time about projects we can work on together, also projects that we feel we can complete and might have an audience. We think that creating a campaign world that can be expanded and developed over time is the best option for our initial foray into the wilderness of rpg publishing.

This isn't a great leap for myself or James, we both already work in graphic design, desktop publishing and media in general, so that part is taken care of. The prime difference for me will be embarking on a publishing project that I actually enjoy, with someone I actually enjoy working with. That will be a change, regardless of the outcome.

Here are the ideas so far:

1) We will be creating a pulp fantasy sword and sorcery world, with liberal sprinklings of eldritch horror. Far more Howard an…

Sometimes You've Just Got To Laugh

I had it all planned. Three giant Trolls ambush the party using a tied up human as bait. Here was the set up:

The PC's and the merchant caravan they were travelling with came to a small area of road in the forest that went in a circle around four large trees. To one of these trees was tied a gagged man in a state of great distress attempting to scream something to them. They couldn't make out what he was saying, but like most curious PC's they decided to go check him out. Preparing for danger they readied their weapons and moved toward him. The Cleric approached the man, he had a look of complete terror in his eyes. She removed his gag... Then he yelled "They're using me as bait", as a great black shadow killed a horse and the two expendable npc's at the merchants caravan.

Combat was joined and dice were rolled. It was at this point I got out my trusty whiteboard and drew a simple map of the area for everyone to reference.

This is what I saw as I was dra…

The 1e ADnD Dungeon Masters guide may be the best DnD book ever written

I have been re-reading the 1e ADnD Dungeon Masters guide for the umpteenth time. To me this book represents all that is good and fun about our hobby. There is hardly a page that doesn't have something interesting, fun or just plain weird on it, and even now the sheer bulk of information found in this tome staggers my imagination.

I feel sorry for anyone who hasn't read this book, but I feel especially sorry for those who disregard it as some primitive relic of gaming past not worth the read. You are missing out on some of the best work ever written in RPG history, and even if you play 3e or 4e the advice and ideas from the DMG can still enlighten and inspire.

Although the ADnD DMG may not fully represent the golden age of the hobby, to me it represents the hobby at its best and loftiest. It still astounds me that I can open this book to any random page and find something that I can use in my campaigns, or find something that is just plain awesome.

So if you've read 1e DMG…

From io9 - How Playing Dungeons & Dragons Makes You A Better Author

With all the recent silly hysteria about D&D, its nice to read an article that's positive and inspiring. How Playing Dungeons & Dragons Makes You A Better Author and check out the original article here...Writers reminisce about Dungeons & Dragons