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Playing RPGs with a 4-Year-Old is Exactly the Same as Playing with 35-Year-Olds

I had a funny experience a couple weekends ago. On Saturday night I played what is rapidly-becoming one of my new favourite games, Dungeon World. (We'll ignore for a moment that one of the players brought a Super-Flu into the house that knocked out my entire family for 2 weeks, which is why it took me so long to write this). On Sunday morning, I played "Secret Lab" with my 4-year old son, which is basically sitting in a blanket fort making up "secrets," which usually end up being variations of "I stole treasure from the chocolate factory and hid it in the back yard." Guess what? Turns out they're both exactly the same game. Stick with me here. For those not familiar,  Dungeon World  is a "de-crunched" version of  Dungeons & Dragons  where the rules have been dialed back to allow more room for storytelling. It is of course based on another game,  Apocalypse World,  which is a similar set of rules used in a post-apocalyptic