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The Swords of Splatter-Elf

Splatter Elf's back, man! Well, as a literary genre, it's never gone anywhere and is actually alive and well in the a new series of stories by Philip T.D. Overby (they're available on Amazon !). But now, for the first time in quite a while, Splatter Elf the game makes a triumphant return. The main character in Philip's stories is a half-elf mercenary obsessed with collecting swords, so I decided to stat out a few of her favourite weapons for use in Splatter Elf: The RPG . Now, these weapons are specifically designed for the SE version 0.3 rules, which have not been widely shared, but you get the idea. Also of note, these are completely unofficial versions of the weapons and how I envisioned them to be used in the game. Philip would have his own take on them, which obviously supersedes anything I say here. Hey Phil, does this mean you've now generated your first fan fiction? Lauralee "The warped, cracked blade looked like hammered shit, but i