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Playing by Blog

One of the greatest things about our hobby is its progressive nature. And I'm not talking about elven politics or any such malarkey. No, I'm talking about how the hobby thrives as more and more options to play are made available. Whether you play face-to-face, or via email or forum , or even through a service like Google+, there are more ways to get your roleplaying fix than ever before. And now you can add play-by-blog to that growing list. For the last couple months, I've been in a play-by-blog game run by the packmaster of the blog A Pack of Gnolls , called The Ruins of Empire and running Microlite74 in 4E's Nentir Vale setting. Playing by blog means setting up a blog specifically dedicated to the game in question; the gamemaster makes the main posts that drives the game forward, then players post their actions in the comments section of the blog, and generally it acts a lot like play-by-forum. It's slow, but since it doesn't require a massive time sink, it