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Five Reasons the FATE RPG is Awesome and Why The Rest of the World Sucks for Not Telling Me About it Sooner

Seriously, it's been out for over 10 years, someone should have pointed this out to me. It's not like I was completely unaware of FATE. I knew it existed, I had heard of it, knew it won a bunch of awards. But in my "lalalala" land of blissful ignorance, I had no idea I was letting such a brilliant gaming system go by unmolested. Since I know there are a few non-gamers and casual enthusiasts who read this blog, here is FATE in a nutshell (those of you who already know about it can skip this part and hang their heads in shame FOR NOT TELLING ME): 5. Cool Dice This is not incredibly important in and of itself, but I always appreciate games that have something a little different that makes them stand out. Instead of using the numbered polyhedron dice you're used to, it uses FUDGE dice, which are 6-siders marked with two "+" signs, two "-" and two "blanks," which are considered Zero or even. All of the actions - absolutely everyth

How much Sex & Violence do you like in your games?

I've been pondering this question the last few days. I never really considered it in the past - it was always whatever seemed appropriate in the moment - but lately, spending more time in discussion online has made me realize that some people have strong opinions on this one way or the other. First of all, let me state that I hate how "sex" and "violence" are always lumped together discussing the appropriateness or maturity of content, because they are completely different things that should probably be handled in separate conversations. The only reason I use them together in this scenario is because I suspect the biggest sticking point for most people will be the area where "sex" and "violence" blurs. So how much violence is too much? For some players, just saying "You do 10 damage. He dies." is all the violence you need and they don't even think about it. For others, they want it to be really graphic, with descriptions o

Timeless Games for Timeless Activities

Up here in the Southern Ontario portion of Canada we have a tradition called "cottaging".  It's very different then what the urban dictionary says it is .  What we do is pack up the car on a Friday, drive 2 to 5 hours in extreme traffic, hang out in a small building with limited amenities, and then drive home in the same ridiculous traffic 48 hours later.  Sounds crazy, right? But there are some up sides.  Most of the time you are in a beautiful setting on the water somewhere, with lots of toys to play with, and with lots of fun friends and family.  And in the evenings, there's not much to do besides play games. So here are some of the classics that come up often with my friends and family at the cottage. Sorry, wrong Bauer... 1) Euchre. This is a trick collecting card game with 24 cards, which can be made from any standard 52 card deck.  It is most often played by 4 players in pairs, though there are 2, 3 and 6 player variants. Trump is called by a player and

So my players fought a vagina...

So more Splatter-Elf happened on Splatterday night. Despite me being (at least in my opinion) woefully unprepared, I think we had a pretty good night. There was significantly less combat than previous games , and probably not enough for good play-testing purposes, but the players seemed to just want to talk their way out of everything. Usually after picking fights with stuff way out of their league than backpedaling when they realized they were fucked. Truthfully, maybe I shouldn't have let them befriend the troll AFTER they paralyzed and urinated on him, and certainly shouldn't have let them buy their freedom with half a coil of rope, a rusty dagger and a burnt-out torch, but the troll was given the promise of great riches and heaps of treasure, which is all he really wanted anyway. He was a smart enough troll to know that a troll's life span is decidedly shorter when pressed by a gang of dedicated adventurers. And true to their word, the players did return and pay


No big post today. I've been doing short daily updates over on Google+ following the #RPGaDay gimmick. So if you've always wanted to know what my first, favourite and weirdest games, etc are, follow me or circle me on Google+ . All the cool kids are doing it.