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Some Hearty Food For Thought

I came across this by way of the RetroRoleplaying Blog . This is one of the best rants I have ever read, and you should read it too. Just one more formulaic CRPG-ification bullet into the imagination at the heart of RPGs Some hearty food for thought. What do you think?

Game System Update Part I

Several weeks ago I posted that I needed some help making a game system that didn't suck . Thanks to everyone for the comments, they were much appreciated. Since that time I have been working out exactly how I want the game system to work, and prepping it for some play testing. Not wanting to give away too much info, here are a few of the details so far: - It is going to be a single mechanic d20 based game. After much consideration this is just the easiest and most familiar route to go down. - It will be easily adaptable and rules lite. - It looks like there will be only two classes: Fighter and Magic User. - The Classes will serve as simple templates with which to build a character. There will be plenty of room for player customization and specialization. - The combat system is still being worked on. I am leaning towards more abstract combat but that may change. - The magic system will not be " Vancian ". - The game will be free to download, with a possib