Saturday Sorcery

The following two magic items are inspired by supposed real world magic items. I came across descriptions of them in a book called Supernatural England by Eric Maple. It is filled with a metric tonne of macabre weirdness from England's sorted past. A really fun read if you can find a copy.

I have written the descriptions in generic terms so that you can figure out the mechanics for whatever your game of choice is.

Let the sorcery begin...

Wizard Post
A wizard post is made from the wood of a sacred tree, etched with runes of warding and blessed under the light of a full moon. The post is then placed, most typically, between the users house and barn.

The wizard post protects roughly a 1 mile radius, preventing any curse like spell from being used in that area. It also prevents any otherworldly beings (demon etc...) or undead from entering the radius, although regular monsters can still get through.

These items are often highly personalized and are a type of hedge magic used by common folk. For more super cool hedge magic items check out

Corpse Candle
A corpse candle is created from the fat of a murdered man and the wax of a candle stolen from the temple of any good aligned deity. They are slowly melted, mixed together and formed into a candle. Then at midnight on the night of the new moon they are enchanted by reciting dark and scary wizard stuff.

When the candle is held and lit it makes the user invisible. They will remain invisible until such time as the candle burns away completely, is put out or falls from the users hand.

There are pretty obvious moral implications for using this item. It's creation is most definitely a type of black magic, but these items would be greatly prized by those of a more nefarious nature.

A bit o' history - The corpse candle is often associated with the will-o-the-wisp and other strange lights. I have no idea what the connection is between the two ideas, but seeing as it's all anecdotal evidence, and magic doesn't really exis...

Have a great weekend.


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