Another Old Map of Awesome

Seeing that everyone seemed to like the last old map I posted, I figured I'd post another one. This map is actually part of the same world as the previous map. This is the southern part of the world and the other map is the northern part. There is a little evolution in place naming, (not everything is stolen directly from what I was reading at the time) but most of the place names are still pretty cheesy.

Click to embiggen

This map was created exactly the same way as the other map (hand drawn and painted with watercolours), and made at roughly the same time.

I have unfortunately lost most of my notes about this world. What I do remember is that there were psychedelic drugs that granted magical powers and spaceships flown by the evil priests of an alien god. I still love both of those ideas.

I have several maps that I've created over the years, I'll add some more to the site over time.

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