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City Street Name Generator - Because Coming up with Street Names Sucks

Map from Fantastic Maps, where the maps are fantastic
Street names are a great way to add a bit of depth to any city setting, but aren't really worth detailing in full - unless you're boring, or obsessive, or both. I happen to be lazy, and find that coming up with names on the spot, is kind of annoying. I've been running a city based campaign for a while now, and after using the name Smith Street for the 100th time, I decided to come up with this handy little random table.

Now I just detail the main streets, and consult the table for the names of any side streets I might need. So far it's worked pretty good, and I figured maybe some other people might get some use out of it.

Here is a link to the pdf you can download.


  1. This is great stuff. I love fantasy sounding street names but it's always a pain to come up with them on the fly. Thank you, Sir!

  2. That's brilliant. Thank you. As C.D. said above it's not always easy to come up with authentic-sounding names off the cuff. I can see this being very useful.

  3. Thanks, glad you like it. I have a tonne of tables. At some point I'm going to get someone to write code to automate these guys up,


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