Halloween Horror Hits - Best of Spooks and Zombies from Rule of the Dice

Happy Halloween, Dicers!

Hopefully all of you have your horror-themed games planned for tonight or this weekend, or maybe you're watching Night of the Living Dead for the hundredth time, or maybe (like me) you'll be hiding in the dark on your porch to scare the shit out of little kids when they come to your door begging for candy. (To be fair, now that I have my own little guy, I'm starting to feel bad about that one.)

But if you're a sad lonely person who doesn't have plans tonight, here is some reading material for you to catch up on. Please feast your eyes on some of the best horror-related content Rule of the Dice has posted over the years. Enjoy!

Rule of the Dice - Top 8 Best Horror-Related Posts

1. D6 Zombies - My all-time most popular post on Rule of the Dice (in terms of hit count), showcasing some weird zombie antagonists, statted for the D6 system.

2. How I Put Crazy in My Game (Sanity Levels for D6 Horror) - One of my personal favourite posts I've written, about using a Cthulhu-esque sanity system for the D6 system. I think it came out really well.

3. Mini D6 Horror - Former contributor Joe Nelson's play report on actually using my D6 Horror Rules in a game.

4. Review of Last Night on Earth - More Zombies, this time in Board Game Form! Review by Jason Salvatori.

5. Made to Suffer - The DCC-Funnel / d20 clone / Walking Dead RPG I recently made for the sole purpose of killing large volumes of player characters.

6. 10 Random Zombie Intro Scenarios - Starting a horror survival game shouldn't be hard, it should be random and chaotic.

7. Notes from the Master - On Writing Weird Fiction by H.P. Lovecraft - Our fearless leader John shares some Lovecraftian advice useful to writers and game designers alike.

8. SPLATTER-ELF: The Grimmer Than Grimdark RPG
Back in May I wrote a series of posts highlighting the design of an RPG based on the half-serious/half-spoof fantasy-sub-genre coined by Philip Overby. (For more on Splatter-Elf as a genre, check out this hilarious Twitter). The game has changed quite a bit since the original design and one day I'll get around to sharing the complete, updated rules, but these posts may have some historical value at some point:
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Character Creation
Part 3: Combat
Part 4: Blood Magic
Part 5: New Races
Part 6: Monsters

What was your favourite spooky Rule of the Dice post?


  1. Great ideas! The zombie game was one of the most fun I'd had in a while playing games. I guess I prefer going full tilt with my characters instead of preserving them like delicate little eggs. I'd love to play more Splatter-Elf down the line as well. I'd even be happy to run a game myself.

    1. Be careful what you offer. I WILL take you up on that.

      But yeah, the zombie survival funnel was a lot of fun.


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