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After watching these videos , I started playing around and drawing up some topographical maps in photoshop. They aren't my typical style, but I think my first effort turned out pretty decent.

So, here you go. Key up this map and use it for your game. The only thing I ask is that if you post it on your blog/Twitter/Google+/Facebook that you link back to here, or my Twitter, my Google+, or my Facebook page. Have fun.

The picture is quite large, so don't forget to zoom in to see the details.
Several people have inquired whether they could my maps in their commercial (for profit) projects. The answer is: No, you cannot use these maps for any commercial project. Read the creative commons copyright below.

But, if you are a DIY RPG person, with little to no money, and really want to use one of the maps for something that you're working on, that might earn you a bit of money, let me know. We can talk, and if I like your thing, I will most likely let you use my maps for free.

  Creative Commons License This work by John Williams is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Canada License


  1. That is a nice map. What is the rough scale of the map? I'm looking at the small farms in the north & wondering how many days it would take to trek from there to the large farming community in the south.

    1. Here's a gridded version of the same map. ( I used 10 mile grids, making the map 100 x 100 miles, but you could easily change the scale to whatever you wanted.

    2. Awesome. Thank you, sir. I like how some of the roads simply exist to go to landmarks like waterfalls. Those are springboards for adventure ideas. The sparseness of civilization appeals to me too. It feels like a stretch of recently settled coastline of a newly discovered land with western roads leading into the wilderness.

  2. Great looking map, very nice job!


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